The Culinary Arts Studio provides a rich and exciting learning environment for students studying hospitality management at the University of Brighton. We offer a range of industry courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level:

herb gardenUndergraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses

Food and Drink Operations

Students studying hospitality at level four are responsible, for planning and managing a restaurant facility which is open to customers and offers a traditional three-course lunch on Thursdays and Fridays in their first semester.

The students have also hosted local events such as Eastbourne Hospitality Association Executive Lunches and afternoon teas, the Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce networking breakfasts and lunches where the student group will liaise with the clients to plan all aspects of the meal experience.

cas 2The CASBar is a recently opened purpose built coffee and take-away food outlet which offers students a realistic working environment where they can contextualise their studies in a live case study operation. Incorporating theories learnt from other modules, students manage the CASBar and the studio; running it as a small business from conception to operation. They prepare a full branding and marketing plan which includes pricing strategy, human resources provision. Skills developed will include a problem solving approach to management, decision making, team-work and building employability skills.

Management in Action

This live case study approach enables level five students to work in small teams and experience first hand the issues of managing a business enterprise. They take ownership of the brand, set standards, design the restaurant concept, menu and deliver the service from through to final business report.

The CASBar was a concept designed by students and due to great customer feedback at its trial stage became a permanent fixture.

Contemporary Issues in International Hospitality

Level six, final year students, hold an ‘ideas for the future’ exhibition each year which is open to the public and presents ideas for new or contemporary issues relating to their degree. The Culinary Arts Studio is used to develop the food and drink concepts. Previous developments have included: VollyPops – a frozen vegetable lollypop designed to be vended to children in a school setting; Chuck­‐it Cups – made from agar jelly to hold shots and wine these were developed to be eaten after use or thrown on the ground, where they will biodegrade and fertilize the soil; Boozy Cocktails –  a concept of pre-­prepared cocktails run through a beer style cooler system and pump at outdoor and indoor events to speed up service delivery times.


HOTPOT was a joint research project which received 2.8million Euros of funding over a 39 month period. Find out more about the project.

Out of the HOTPOT project came The Menu Museum; an online archive of menus from around the world.

Widening Participation

The Culinary Arts Studio works closely with local schools to promote the idea of higher education and hospitality as a career.

Each year it holds a Year 10 Masterchef Week where the pupils spend a fun-filled foodie day in the studio using its professional kitchen. The children are split into teams to prepare, cook and present their creations with prizes given for achievement.