The favourite part of my course…

International Hospitality Management BA(Hons) final year student, Andrew Selwyn, on his favourite part of his course – the Culinary Arts Studio:

“My favourite part of the first two years of my course was my time in the Culinary Arts Studio (CAS).

“Going into the third year I knew I would miss it, so when I was asked to help in the CAS as a student ambassador, I jumped at the chance. The skills I had learnt from my year in placement were combined with my skills from the first two years, and I found myself taking on a teacher style role, with overseeing. I was also able to offer advice to the first and second years.

“I really enjoyed this, and I think it helped them all too. Sometimes you can feel a bit silly for not knowing something in the middle of service and I would like to think that me being a student and not a lecturer meant I was maybe more approachable, and easier to talk too. It also developed by management skills, as I realised something that made loads of sense to me, was not so easily understandable particularly to first year students.

“I think this opportunity for student ambassadors is a good one, as it is students teaching and helping students. The CAS is a brilliant facility to learn in because it’s one room, so customers can talk directly to chefs, but also chefs can see the customers enjoying the food they have just created.

“Talking to fellow student’s past and present from different universities on my placement year, a few had similar facilities but not one that was as open plan and as high tech as the CAS, something I think the University of Brighton excels on.”

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