MasterChef went Global

This June the CAS held 7 widening participation events, for local schools and colleges.

The theme this year was ‘MasterChef Goes Global’. The students were divided into teams, each being given a separate course to produce for themselves, fellow students, and the MasterChef judges. The global theme saw students produce dishes such as Indian bhaji, Spanish tortilla, French crepes, and authentic American key lime pie with blueberry ice-cream to name a few.

After talking to, watching the students at work and tasting the fantastic food the 3 judges selected a MasterChef winning team and then a single overall MasterChef winner.  The Vice-Chancellor visited one event sitting down with the students for dessert and then tweeting of her experience – priceless!

Comments from the students…

“This is the best school day ever, why can’t everyday be like this”

“I can’t wait to get home and tell my dad what I’ve been doing, he’ll never believe it”

“I didn’t think I was clever enough to go to university but I think I might be”

“digging potatoes is great, you get presents from the ground!”

“Learning new recipes has made me think about cooking more at home”

“I have learnt to work in a group better and I have learnt to believe in myself more”

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