Modul University 3 day workshop in CAS

IMG_0212 The Culinary Arts Studio recently hosted a packed, 3 day workshop for a group of 26 students from Modul University, Vienna. The students had the opportunity to taste a selection of English cheese, and sampled some local English beer and wines.  Ken Woodward and Gill Rogers demonstrated some unusual probiotic food use, including making Yakult Ice-cream, and Yakult Iced Green Tea.

The most tender sirloin steak was cooked using the ‘sous vide’ method over a period of 24 hours, several sauces and meringues were prepared in the microwave to the excitement but disbelief of those watching, Biscuits were made and cup-cakes decorated.

Whist half the cohort went on a tour of Alfriston, Middle Farm and the Rathfinny Wine Estate, the remainder of the group prepared lunch in our professional kitchens….Christmas arrived in Eastbourne early this year!

IMG_0191The students prepared a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, vegetables from our raised beds were cooked, Christmas crackers were pulled, paper hats worn, and Christmas music played. Who would have thought that Christmas pudding and brandy sauce would taste so great in June.

The final afternoon saw Gillian Parfitt lead a cake decorating competition, the standard was exceptionally high, and the designs very diverse. We saw cakes that looked like presents, a bunch of pansies, and even a plate of sushi. After much deliberation a winner was chosen by our panel of judges, a cake that looked like a cheeseburger took home the prize.

The students left exhausted but with plenty of stories to tell when they got back to Austria.




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