All change in the Culinary Arts Studio

The Culinary Arts Studio (CAS) at the School of Sport and Service Management has recently been expanded to provide more productive space for students studying hospitality.

cas 1The expansion has provided an exciting new concept – the CASBar. The CASBar is a purpose built coffee and take-away food outlet which offers students a realistic working environment where they can contextualise their studies in a live case study operation.

Incorporating theories learnt from other modules, students manage the CASBar and the studio; running it as a small business from conception to operation. They prepare a full branding and marketing plan which includes pricing strategy, human resources provision. Skills developed will include a problem solving approach to management, decision making, team-work and building employability skills.

The CAS will continue to offer its traditional three-course lunches to staff, students and local guests but the addition of the CASBar will expand the styles of service that students can experience and the challenges associated with a fast paced, quick service operation.

Visit the CASBar’s facebook page to see what our hospitality students get up to as part of their course.

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